Oak filled Campus

  Summer 2022    



  Purple Coneflowers are blooming at the Dunlap Success Center. The generic name Echinacea is derived from the Greek word echinos, meaning "sea urchin," due to the spiny central disk. The Purple Coneflower is not only a pretty flower - parts of it are used as a herbal medicine as well.

 Lanceleaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata) is blooming at Mendenhall A. This Florida native wildflower is a drought tolerant perennial that attracts butterflies.

 Pink Oleander blooming near the Wellness Center.  - Florida State University Grounds and Landscaping Apr 2022


The perfect day for a stroll on Legacy Walk 


FSU Alumni Association - Apr 2022

Landis + springtime in Tallahassee = perfection [FSUAA 28 Mar 2022]



College of Social Sciences & Public Policy - Spring 2022


Spring 2022

  "The half of knowledge is to know where to find knowledge.”

11 Feb 2022 | Erich Martin | Instagram - @erich.d.martin

Can we talk about tonight's sunset?

College of Education - 08 Feb 2022


We could all use a chocolate milkshake from the Sweet Shop on this Florida State Friday

Erich Martin | Instagram - @erich.d.martin
FSU Alumni Association - 04 Feb 2022

Florida State's beautiful oaks always find a way to sneak into campus photos!

Erich Martin | Instagram - @erich.d.martin
FSU Alumni Association - Jan 2022


The large oaks that fill Florida State's campus are over 160 years old and have set a significant foundation within the FSU community.

If these trees could talk, what stories do you think they'd tell?

FSU Alumni Association - 15 Oct 2021