Who We Are

"A Seminole Club® aims to foster continual ties with FSU and an unconquered spirit that does not end with graduation. Seminoles Forever!"

- Julie Decker, FSU Alumni Association President & CEO

The Seminole Club® of Greater Orlando (SCGO) is an all-volunteer alumni group representing Florida State University in the Greater Orlando area. Seminole Clubs® are organized groups throughout the nation who support and are dedicated to the Florida State University academic and athletic missions, and we operate as the official chapter of the Alumni Association in the Orlando metroplex area.

Merriam-Webster Definition
alumnus     noun
1     : a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university
2     : a person who is a former member, employee, or contributor
alumnus or alumna?
Many people are comfortable using the word alumni to refer to someone who was a student of a particular school. However, others feel quite strongly that this is an error and that the following forms should be used: alumnus (for one male), alumni (for multiple males, or for a mix of males and females), alumna (for one female), and alumnae (for multiple females). The shortened form alum and its plural form alums began to be used in the 19th century. Initially, alum was widely viewed as highly colloquial or informal, but is increasing in use as a gender-neutral alternative.

We help both alumni and fans keep that valuable connection with the university by hosting programming throughout the year such as community service days, continuing education, networking, and social events. Our main mission is giving back to the university by raising funds for outstanding scholarship students from the Greater Orlando area.


Central Florida Seminoles have been gathering in the name of FSU since local dentist Jim Booth organized a club in the 1950s. Members met at Dr. Booth’s home in Rio Pinar and at the offices of Dr. Jim Ferdinand and his brother. It wasn’t until the 1970s, however, that our presence in the Orlando area really began to flourish.

The first club meeting after Coach Bowden’s arrival drew fewer than 20 people to the Altamonte Springs Holiday Inn. By early 1977, the Bobby Bowden Banquet attracted nearly 200 people to the Harley Hotel. In some years, more than 500 people participated in our stops along the Seminole Booster Spring Tours.

Whether it’s for socializing with fellow Seminoles, enjoying programs about FSU, or helping with the work of this club, the Seminole Club® of Greater Orlando is grateful for your support and involvement!

College Hall constructed 1891, replaced by Westcott Building 1909

Did you know? Florida State University fixes its date of establishment to 1851, the year the Florida legislature voted to establish two seminaries of learning: West Florida Seminary (which became the Florida State University) and East Florida Seminary (which became the University of Florida).  West Florida Seminary used this date of establishment prior to 1905, when the Buckman Act reorganized higher education in Florida and the three resulting state institutions all adopted 1905 as their founding date. In 1935 the Florida Board of Control changed the founding dates of the University of Florida and the Florida State College for Women (now Florida State University) to the years their predecessor Seminaries opened as state-sponsored institutions, and Florida State's founding date was changed to 1857. In 2000 the Florida State University declared 1851 to be its official founding date.